Why Sliding Doors are the Perfect Choice in the Colder Months

Alongside our premium range of aluminium bifolding doors and windows, we also stock our models of Cortizo aluminium sliding doors. Whilst every client’s personal preferences and home specifications vary, there are two main advantages aluminium sliding doors have over bifolds throughout the winter months.


Firstly, our glazing systems offer some of the lowest U-values on the market today. Our double glazed system with thermal coating achieves almost the same performance as many of our competitor’s triple glazed systems. The glass ensures that the warmth remains inside the room in the winter months, whilst reflecting the heat in the summer. This serves to both keep you comfortable and ensure your heating bills stay low. Due to their structure, ¬†Cortizo sliding systems can support more glass than bifolds, meaning that for the same opening, a sliding door system will have more glass and less frame than the bifold alternative. Given the aluminium frame is less efficient than the glass, this makes the sliding system more thermally efficient.


This brings us on nicely to the subject of the frame. Naturally, bifolding and sliding doors tend to remain closed throughout the colder months, leaving the frame visible at all times. As explained above, sliding doors have less frame than other styles, so aesthetically superior when closed, allowing an uninterrupted view of the¬†garden outside – what better vista on a frosty winter’s morning whilst you’re cosy inside!


If you would like more information, give one of the Belvedere team a call today or arrange a visit to our showroom just outside Huddersfield, Yorkshire. They can post you a copy of our brochure detailing all our sliding door, bifold door and aluminium window products and specifications. If you have sizes, then we can also provide you with an indication of cost for supply only or supply and fit.