Creating the best views

Beautiful views from Belvedere

At Belvedere we offer more than just great door and window products. We offer a personal consultation to ensure you get the most from the products and that they give you the best views possible from your property, both from inside looking out to the garden and from the exterior looking back. The clean architectural lines of our aluminium folding and sliding doors will enhance your home and impress friends and family and anyone visiting.

Belvedere actually means beautiful view in Italian and we are dedicated to delivering the look and feel you really want. We may not be able to give access to the worlds best views but your world will definitely be improved once we have finalised an installation.

Our view on the world is so important and admiring the beauty of nature in our gardens is no different than when travelling around the world, exploring the world’s most expansive and stunning views. There is nothing quite so impressive as being poised on top of a mountain or overlooking a stunning valley. Below, we have listed some the world’s most spellbinding and captivating views that should certainly be on your wish list and which you can consider whilst enjoying the view from your garden or home.

Some of the best views in the world

Mount Ararat, Turkey

Mount Ararat is a 5000-metre high dormant volcan and until 1829 was untouched by humans as it was believed by Armenian monks to be a holy space and widely accepted in Christianity to be the resting space of Noah’s Ark. Though this is believed to be just a legend, rather than fact, it still remains as a sanctified space that is truly magical to behold.

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

Set within the World Heritage Site of Kinabalu Park, Mount Kinabalu is a 4000-metre high mountain that is often trekked up by avid backpackers to see the sunrise. Providing an astonishing view over the national park’s myriad of flora and fauna, Mount Kimbalu itself is home to an impressive variety of specimens. Recent botanical studies have found that on Mount Kimbalu alone has approximately 5,000 to 6,000 individual plant species thriving on its rocky terrain. Therefore, making it one of the world’s most significant biological sites.

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

It is no secret that we are constantly drawn towards the past, and the frequent visitation to the Temples of Bagan in Myanmar is an example of this. 2000 pagodas and temples are peppered across a 40 mile stretch of landscape and can be viewed from the top of the Thatbyinnyu Pahto Temple. These ancient temples have housed the Burmese for centuries in 1990, and although unsuccessful campaigns have tried to make it a World Heritage Site, it still is heavily frequented by tourists and locals due its otherworldly scenery.

Grand Canyon, USA

Whether it is the richly coloured strata of two billion-year-old rocks or the complex tapestry of its past inhabitants like the Native Americans and Spanish Explorers, the Grand Canyon attracts fervent geologists, historians and tourists all year round. One of the most famous views in the world, it’s majestic appearance makes it looks like it was carved by giants. With a myriad of tourist attractions, like cruising down the Colorado river or stargazing once the sun has set.

Though we can’t exactly promise to turn your home’s back garden into a world heritage site or national park, we can still promise you a ‘beautiful view’ of your personal home heaven with our expansive range of aluminium bifold and sliding doors. To find out more about our products, or for a personal consultation with an expert, contact us today.